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Using Outlook Personal Folder (PST) Files (Article #137)

Created on January 14, 2004
Last Modified on February 20, 2011
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Using Outlook Personal Folder (PST) Files

Each faculty and staff member has an allotted storage space (quota), on the Exchange e-mail server to store your Towson mailbox that includes e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. If you need more storage space than the allotted quota, an option is to move e-mail you wish to save to your Personal Storage (PST) files. The H: drive is secure and files are backed up on a regular schedule to prevent data loss.

Once you add the PST file in Outlook, it appears as a new personal folder in the Outlook Navigation Pane, below your other folders. Each PST file can contain subfolders to make filing e-mail messages easy. Within Outlook you drag and drop messages from your mailbox to the appropriate PST folder (stored on H: drive). To access PST files from other computers or remote locations, use Virtual Workspace at:

PST Files Don't Work With…

  • Macintosh Computers
    Office 2011 for Macs foes not support storing PST files to your H: drive. The only safe method for Mac users to use PST files is to use them in Windows Outlook on Virtual Workspace at:

    You can create PST files on your Mac hard drive. However, this is not recommended. Storing PST files on your Mac is risky. Should anything happen to the computer or hard drive you can lose your PST files and may not able to recover them.  
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
    OWA provides access from a Web browser to your Towson e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks from any computer anywhere that has Internet access and a Web browser. OWA does not support PST files

For details on managing your Outlook mailbox see:

For details on account quota sizes that are available, see:

For assistance with PST files, contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151, select menu options 2+2+2.

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