Community Service

SGA Mandatory Service Requirements

The Student Government Association is dedicated to improving students’ academic, social and cultural environments.  As an expectation of affiliation with the SGA at Towson University, all student organizations are expected to initiate and implement a minimum of 10 hours of community service during the academic school year, five per semester.  Community service projects must involve at least 1/3 of the active student organization’s roster each semester. To receive credit for your community service, each organization must fill out and submit the mandatory service form. You can fill out and submit the online form or download the form in pdf and submit it to the Office of Student Activities, University Union, 217.

Completion of the requirement will include:

         5 hours of documented service to the campus or local community per semester

         1/3 of organization’s active roster participating in service

         Current rosters to verify 1/3 participation (submitted to SGA)

         Community service paperwork submitted by last day of classes each semester

Another common way of completing service includes contributing and organizing various drives.  Below we have outlined the service values for each drive whether you are contributing or organizing the event.

Contributions to a drive:
Toys - $5 value* equals 1 hour of service for 1 person
Money - $5 equals 1 hour of service for 1 person
Food – 10 cans equals 1 hour of service for 1 person
Clothes - $5 value* equals 1 hour of service for 1 person
Books – 10 books equals 1 hour of service for 1 person

*Value determined by OSA/SGA, unless a receipt is provided.

Organizing a drive:
The time spent organizing and conducting the drive counts towards the total hours of service to meet the requirement.

Roster verification
Rosters are due to the SGA by a designated date in the fall term.  However, if numbers change rosters can be resubmitted to ensure that service requirement is meet.  Community Service paperwork is due by the last day of classes (before finals) of each semester.   Paperwork is available in the SGA Resource Area (UU, 2nd floor).

The Office of Student Activities’ Community Service Program is available for assistance in locating service opportunities, advertising your events, and general assistance in planning your events.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Office of Student Activities at 410.704.3307 or email:

Dirron Allen,
Assistant Director, Student Activities




• The form is available to fill out and submit online or download and print the form and hand it in the Office of Student Activities, University Union 217.

•  Download Form

 • Online Form





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