Submitting Program Proposals

Memorandum of Understanding/Partnership Agreements

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a document that summarizes the details of an agreement between Towson University and another institution regarding academic programs. In the MOU, both parties state their willingness to collaborate with regard to academic program development.   An MOU between a community college and an institution identifies admissions, registration, advising, student services, financial aid, tuition, faculty resources and programmatic and degree requirements.  MOUs require the signatures from the chief academic officers at both institutions. MOUs are also used when developing Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies (BTPS) and 2+2 programs.

BTPS is an articulated program in a related, specialized area of concentration at a four-year institution for students with an AAS degree. If the BTPS already exists, simple notification to USM and MHEC is sufficient. If it does not exist, the full submission to USM and MHEC is required.

Outlined below is the process required for submitting a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Community College Agreements.

1.   Faculty must submit a completed internal Letter of Intent (LOI) to the dean of the college for approval and signature. The dean will then submit the LOI to the Provost’s Office. The LOI should be submitted 5 to 12 months before intended submission to MHEC and or Middle States.


2.   If the DOI is approved by the Provost, the Assistant Provost will send signed copies to the college dean, chair of the department, and the registrar. The academic department may then begin formal development of the program.


3.   Departments can submit the proposal to the following individuals for guidance in developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). More information and a sample MOU are provided for guidance.


Proposals for graduate partnerships and articulation agreements can be forwarded to Dr. Janet DeLany, dean of the Office of Graduate Studies, 410-704-2078. She will work with the program directors and offer guidance.


Proposals involving undergraduate community college partnerships and articulation agreements can be forwarded to Stephanie Fowler, associate director of admissions, 410-704-3229. She will prepare the template with equivalencies and will forward copies to the registrar, the appropriate academic department and the assistant provost.


4.  The department should send the MOU to the assistant provost for final review. In the Provost's Office, the assistant provost and assistant vice president for assessment review the MOU.  After review, the assistant provost will return the MOU to the department. It is the department's responsibility to then obtain signatures from the dean of the college and the partnering institution. The dean of the college should submit a minimum of three signed original MOUs to assistant provost. Additional, original signed MOUs may be required when partnering with more than one institution. Upon receipt of the signed MOU, the assistant provost will obtain the provost's signature and send the MOU to USM and MHEC concurrently. 

If further action is required by Middle States, the assistant vice president for assessment notifies the dean and the department of the additional Middle States accreditation requirements.

5. If the proposal requires approval as a substantive change by Middle States, the department prepares the required substantive change documentation for Middle States. The department submits the draft substantive change document to the appropriate dean for approval, and the dean’s office submits the substantive change documentation to the assistant vice president for assessment for review and approval. Once the substantive change request has been approved, the substantive change request, executive summary, copy of the final contract, and copies of the transmittal memos to USM and MHEC are submitted by the assistant vice president for assessment to Middle States on behalf of the Provost’s Office.


6.  MHEC and Middle States will then send the Provost's Office a letter of approval.


7.  All MOUs with Community Colleges must be reviewed/revised every two years. 

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