Philosophy And Religious Studies Department

Do you wonder whether it's possible to do something that is truly good? What would make that action good: your intentions, the results? Is it necessary to live in a political system that is good, in order to do good yourself? Do you wonder whether God exists? How do different religious traditions around the world approach capital punishment, animal welfare, environmental justice? Do you enjoy thinking about really basic questions that reveal how richly meaningful but also deeply puzzling life is?  

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department offers courses that explore the multicultural roots of such questions as well as their diverse contemporary horizons. 

Religious Studies: Cites to Check Out

What can I do with a Major in Religious Studies?

Why Study Religion?


Philosophy: Cites to Check Out

Philosophy Program Mission and Vision

How can a degree in philosophy help me to prepare for a career?

Philosophical Gourmet Report (for students applying to graduate programs in philosophy)


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