Paul Gantt Nuremberg Trial Papers
Digital Archive Collection at Towson University
The Department of History at Towson University in collaboration with Towson University Archives has committed to bring to a larger learning public, the private and public papers of Nuremberg prosecutor, Paul Hawkins Gantt. Gifted to Towson State University by Mr. Gantt in 1979, these papers represented a small but significant part of a national treasure that documents a high point in the history of United States jurisprudence and the evolution of international law.

We have initiated the digitization and conservation of Mr. Gantt's papers to ensure that they will survive for generations to come. As the conservation and organization of the papers continues, we will publish on our web-site important portions of the Gantt Collection with the intention of eventually bringing the entire collection to the web.

As university researchers, we are developing finding aids for professional legal scholars and historians, teaching tools for university educators and importantly, educational training for high school and middle school teachers so that they may enhance their Social Science curriculum with lessons plans on topics that include:

Our Mission

Scene in Court One in the Palace of Justice, Nuremberg, during the arraignment of eighteen former officials of the WVHA (the Main Economic and Administrative Branch of the SS). (10 March 1947)

  • International Human Rights
  • International Law
  • Genocide
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Waging War of Aggression
  • World War II
  • Post-War Aggression
  • U.S. Involvement in Post-War Reconstruction