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Teaching the "Isms": Feminist Pedagogy Across the Disciplines

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The Institute has three main purposes:  (a) promoting research on women, (b) integrating the scholarship on women and diversity into educational curricula, and (b) engaging in public education and civic engagement related to women and their well being.

Learning About Women

We want to know more about women's experiences -- for example, what happens to women and different categories of women, how do they feel about what is happening, what creations do they make? Looking at what happens to women, and how women think and feel about what they see and do helps us understand all people better.

An original interest in women's experiences eventually brings us to more difficult questions -- what are the patterns -- the social institutions and structures -- that shape women's destinies? And, how do these patterns bring about the consequences for women that we observe?

Prior to the 1970s, traditional academic scholars for the most part were not aware of and did not focus on the experiences women have, and they had little interest in the social-political-economic contexts in which women grow up and  live.  Scholars tended to believe either that women are like men, or that the distinctive elements in women's lives are minor.  Research often included only men as subjects, in the belief that including women would distort rather than reveal the basic patterns underlying human behavior. 

Most people and scholars had viewpoints about women, but men were more often studied -- men's health, men's wars, men's literature, men's economic and political maneuverings -- carefully categorized and analyzed, but often without much reference to the other half of the population. 

Beginning in the 1970s, research on women began to burgeon as a specialty within many academic disciplines, and funding agencies became aware of the need to include women as subjects, and to conceptualize research questions as including women's experiences and contexts.  The Institute was established to contribute to that effort.

Mission Statement 

The Institute for Teaching and Research on Women (ITROW) at Towson University was founded in 1990 to promote research on women and the integration of scholarship on women into the curriculum.  It continues Towson University's thirty-year tradition of experience, program success, and campus commitment to working on women's issues.  Through its activities, the Institute enhances the institutional goals of diversity and inclusiveness as faculty, staff, and students are prepared for participation in the pluralistic society in which we all live.


The Institute for Teaching and Research on Women has three fundamental goals:

(1) Promoting research on women, including women in all their diversity, through such activities  


  • Developing and supporting research projects that focus on women.

  • Sponsoring seminars, conferences, and workshops on women. 

  • Sponsoring a Scholars of the Institute Program.

(2) Assisting faculty, colleges and universities locally, regionally, nationally and

      internationally to integrate scholarship on women into their courses and educational curricula

      through activities such as: 

  • Providing workshops, seminars, and conferences for Towson and regional faculty.

  • Providing Summer Institutes dedicated to internationalizing courses and educational curricula, and bringing faculty from various regions of the world together to exchange knowledge and resources.

  • Publishing resources related to curriculum transformation.

(3) Communicating research results and scholarship on women to the general public and

      promoting civil engagement projects through such activities as:

  • Sponsoring community project related to enhancing the well being of women.

  • Collaborating with civic and other community organizations in enhancing the well being of women.

  • Presenting research results on the ITROW web site.

  • Sponsoring seminars, conferences and workshops.




Teaching the "Isms": Feminist Pedagogy Across the Disciplines

ITROW's Service Learning Handbook

Faculty Mini-Grants for Teaching and Research on Women/Gender    

ITROW's Gendered Perspectives on Peace and Security Conference

ITROW's January 2008 Institute: Women, Leadership and Community

ITROW's Social Emotional Intelligence in Organization's Workshop


Barbados Summer Institute on Curriculum Transformation, 2000 and 2001



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