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2006 Statistical Abstract

RESI authors several respected publications detailing economic activity in the Mid-Atlantic region. Each publication includes rich analyses and revealing graphs and tables. Listed below are the publications that are currently available:

2006 Maryland Statistical Abstract

RESI of Towson University is pleased to present the Maryland Statistical Abstract: Census Edition. This represents the fourth edition of the Maryland Statistical Abstract produced by RESI, and continues our tradition of providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date demographic, economic and business information available.

Like all RESI publications, the Abstract offers a myriad of formats, including graphs and maps to assist the reader. These formats breathe life into the sea of data tables, and also highlight the various ways in which the information presented herein may be utilized.

In keeping with the mission of prior statistical abstracts, RESI presents data that characterize trends in Maryland, in the United States and at various geographic levels, including sub-state levels. By allowing readers to place Maryland and its regions in a comparative perspective with other regions and the nation as a whole, our readers are positioned to understanding where precisely our state appears to be heading.

We would be both remiss and irresponsible were we not to mention that this publication is produced with the cooperation and assistance of a variety of Maryland state government agencies. We thank them for their assistance and the valuable services they provide. RESI would especially like to thank the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. We would also like to thank the Maryland Department of Human Resources for allowing us use of its databases. RESI would not exist were it not for the people of DHR, and we can never thank the agency enough for its support year after year. It is through the ongoing support of these organizations that RESI is able to provide the information found in the Abstract.

On behalf of RESI and Towson University, we hope that the Maryland Statistical Abstract: Census Edition will prove a valuable resource.

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