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Requirements for the Track:

1. Twelve credit hours of a foreign language appropriate to the student’s designated area of interest in Asia. In special cases, this requirement may be waived, but only with the written permission of the advisory committee. The Asian language courses presently offered at Towson are listed under Departmental Courses.

2. A minimum of 33 credit hours selected from the list of Departmental Courses, but with courses from at least three departments (in addition to language) represented. Other courses not shown on the list, but which are relevant to Asia (such as directed readings courses and Minimester courses), may be accepted with the approval of the advisory committee.

Minor in Asian Studies:
The minor in Asian Studies is designed for students majoring in another discipline yet interested in acquiring knowledge of Asian nations and culture without completing the major program above. Students majoring in Asian Studies must compete 21 units with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher in each course. No more than three courses (9 units) may be lower-division courses listed below, and at least four courses (12 credits) from at least three disciplines must be selected from the list of upper-division courses. Students must select courses in at least three disciplines in consultation with the Asian Studies Program coordinator.

There is no language requirement for the Asian Studies minor. however, students are encouraged to begin the study of an Asian language. One 3-unit, 100-level language course may be applied toward lower-division course units.

*Students should consult the Course descriptions section of the catalog to verify prerequisites and should try to select prerequisite courses that fulfill GenED requirements.






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