Ancient Mediterranean Studies Program

Degree Requirements

Minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (24 units)

The minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies consists of 24 units. It is designed for students who wish to take a specialized core of Ancient Mediterranean Studies courses.

Required Courses (9 units)

HIST 101 Introduction to Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (3)

and 6 units of an ancient language, either

LATN 101 Latin Elements I (3)
LATN 102 Latin Elements II (3)
GRK 103 Ancient Greek Elements I (3)
GRK 104 Ancient Greek Elements II (3)
HEBR 103 Biblical Hebrew I (3)
HEBR 104 Biblical Hebrew II (3)

NOTE: The language requirement may be waived by passing a proficiency exam; in that case, 6 units would be made up by choices from the recommended courses listed below.

Recommended Courses (15 units)

Five additional courses (15 units) should be chosen from the following list, with no more than two courses (6 units) in any one department.

Note: some of these courses are still awaiting official approval by the curriculum committee for inclusion in the minor.

ANTH 207 Cultural Anthropology (3)
ANTH 208 Human Evolution and Prehistory (3)
ANTH 381 Archaeological Methods and Theory (3)

Art History
ARTH 301 Origins of Western Art; Egypt and the Near East (3)
ARTH 303 Myths and Legends in Greek Art (3)
ARTH 305 Images of Women in Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman Art (3)
ARTH 306 Art and Archeology of the Ancient World (3)

ENGL 243 Introduction to Classical Mythology (3)
ENGL 341 History and Literature of the Old Testament (3)
ENGL 343 Myth and Literature (3)
ENGL 351 Historical Linguistics (3)

GEOG 109 Introduction to Human Geography (3)
GEOG 357 Cultural Geography (3)

GREK 103 Ancient Greek Elements I (3)
GREK 104 Ancient Greek Elements II (3)

HEBR 103 Beginning Biblical Hebrew I (3)
HEBR 104 Beginning Biblical Hebrew II (3)
HEBR 203 Biblical Hebrew Intermediate I (3)
HEBR 204 Biblical Hebrew Intermediate II (3)

HIST 275 History of Ancient Israel (3)
HIST 301 Ancient Egyptian Civilization (3)
HIST 302 Ancient Near Eastern and Anatolian Civilizations (3)
HIST 303 Alexander the Great and His Successors (3)
HIST 304 Ancient Greek Civilization (3)
HIST 305 Roman Civilization (3)

LATN 101 Latin Elements I (3)
LATN 102 Latin Elements II (3)
LATN 201 Latin Intermediate I (3)
LATN 202 Latin Intermediate II (3)
LATN 301 Advanced Readings in Latin I (3)
LATN 302 Advanced Readings in Latin II (3)

PHIL 221 Ancient Greek Philosophy (3)
PHIL 322 Hellenistic and Medieval Philosophy (3)

Religious Studies
RLST 103 Exploring Biblical Archaeology (3)
RLST 206 Judaism, Christianity and Islam (3)
RLST 270 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (3)
RLST 355 Introduction to the New Testament (3)

NOTE: Courses not listed above, if appropriate, may be approved for the minor by application to the Ancient Mediterranean Studies advisory committee.


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