Designating Your Gift

When you make a gift to Towson University, your contribution can be put to work immediately—either providing funding for current programs or creating a reliable source of future income by expanding the university's endowment.

Below is a list of current accounts set up to support specific departments or programs. Please indicate clearly on your check or correspondence the area you wish to support.

Towson University
14854–Academic Affairs Outreach
14480–Alumni Association
35825–Alumni Association Distinguished Scholar Endowment
40182–Alumni Association Outreach and Enhancement Fund
40178–Alumni Association Scholarship
14723–Alumni House at Auburn Operating Fund
35834–Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund
14722–Alumni Special Events
35703–Ardo Community College Transfer Student Scholarship Fund
14770–CAIT-RWD Foundation
40346–Robert L. Caret and Elizabeth Zoltan "Dream No Small Dream Award"
35844–Margaret Duke Chambers Scholarship
14207–Capital Campaign Initiatives (Chartwells)
15042–Lou Cedrone Memorial Fund
40267–Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund
14978–Agnes Hicks Coale Scholarship
14264–Commemorative Garden Fund
40295–Bernard Dabrowski Memorial Endowed Scholarship
40398–Distinguished Alumni Endowed Scholarship
15036–Division of Marketing & Communications Discretionary Fund
40230–Kathryn Dudek Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35945–Fund for Faculty Excellence
14910–Faculty Professional Development
35967–Joseph Ferrante Memorial Scholarship
40239–France-Merrick Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
40314–Ronald E. Garrison Memorial Endowment
35155–Shirley Thim Hollander Scholarship
40344–Huether McClelland Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
14963–Hussman Center for Adults with Autism
35154–International Student Scholarships
35922–Joseph and Helen Jochum Memorial Fund
40361–Susan M. Kolb Parents Association Endowed Scholarship
35692–Loats Scholarship Fund
35105–Mary and Daniel Loughran Scholars
40268–M&T Bank Scholarship Endowment
35934–Maryland Charities Scholarship Endowment
14253–Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
35623–Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum Scholarship
40241–Martha A. Mitten Memorial Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
15000–Office of Academic Innovation Program Fund
11004–Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University
40386–Osher Reentry Endowed Scholarship
40427–Emily Marie Patterson Endowed Scholarship
44003–Pepsi Academic Scholarship Endowment
40183–Ronald L. Peterson Scholarship Endowment
14957–President’s Leadership Institute Mentorship Program Fund
14262–President’s Unrestricted Operating Fund
35933–Presidential Discretionary Endowment Fund
14997–Professional Development Grant
35873–Retired Faculty Scholarship Endowment
40338–Kevin Ryan's Gift Memorial Endowment
40349–Gee and Nicole Roberson Endowed Scholarship
35869–James R. Saxon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35128–Norie Scheck Scholarship
35124–The Seeberger Scholarship for Hope
35125–Gary W. Slavin Scholarship
35832–Hoke L. Smith Scholarship Endowment
40224–Fran Soistman and Family Endowment
40243–Francis S. Soistman, Sr. Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
15032–Student Activities at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland
40324–Joan Thompson Scholarship Endowment
14784–Towson Family Network
40266–Sarah Elliott Tolson (Traband), Class of 1883, Scholarship Endowment
14866–Towson Academy of Scholars
35740–Towson Fund Student Caller Scholarship
35776–Towson Promise Scholarship
40181–Towson University Alumni Association Graduate Scholarship Fund
35901–Towson University Alumni Association Unrestricted Endowment
14261–Towson University Executive Club
40419–TU150 Anniversary Endowed Scholarship
35861–TU Foundation Scholarship Endowment
15025–TU Mace Operating
14281–TUTORS (TU Tutors for Outstanding Reading)
15001–UDL Implementation Project
14121–University Child Care
40397–University Child Care Center General Endowment
04418–Towson Fund
14721–WTMD Program Fund
40225–Nick Ziolkowski Scholarship Endowment

Academic Programs
40240–Sae Joo Chang Endowment for International Scholars and Program Development
14409–Leadership Institute
35914–Dr. Frank J. Sanders Study Abroad Scholarship
35113–Study Abroad Scholarship

Administration & Finance
14795–Administration & Finance Staff Development Fund
14959–Campus Bench Initiative
14782–Human Resources Training Room Equipment Fund
40214–Lorraine Mayers Towerlight Scholarship Endowment
14834–Parking and Transportation Enhancement
14783–Police Fund
14121–Student Day Care Center
14993–Sustainability Fund

40362–Angotti Basketball Endowment
14458–Athletic Hall of Fame
14120–Athletic Training Enhancement Fund
14859–Athletics Capital Projects
14985–Baseball Operating Fund
40385–Ray Bender and Mary Ann Duncan Endowed Scholarship
40353–John T. Beynon Men’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship
35851–Wayne Breeden Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35103–Ryan Cappuzzo Summer School Fund
14979–Center Court Club
14989–Championship Ring Fund
35856–B. Melvin Cole Scholarship Endowment
35967–Joseph Ferrante Memorial Scholarship
14101–Field Hockey Enhancement Fund
14112–Football Enhancement Fund
40234–Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Scholarship Endowment
40296–Jim-Joe-Dan Memorial Endowment for Men's Lacrosse
40313–Claudia Mayer Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Women’s Volleyball
40233–Men’s & Women’s Swimming/Diving Endowment
14111–Men’s Basketball Enhancement Fund
14108–Men’s Golf Enhancement Fund
14113–Men’s Lacrosse Enhancement Fund
14897–Men’s Swimming & Diving Enhancement
35807–Joseph McMullen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35891–Dr. Donald I. Minnegan Scholarship Endowment
40400–Trach H. Nguyen Memorial Award Endowment
35852–Rachuba Enterprises Scholarship Endowment
40191–Ray Riordon Scholarship Endowment
35948–Carl Runk Lacrosse Scholarship Endowment
14104–Softball Enhancement Fund
14119–Sports Complex
35806–Carroll Stephen & George Thomas Rankin Endowment
14742–Strength and Conditioning Facility 
35749–Student Athlete Scholarship (Zaleski)
14118–Student-Athlete Advisory Council
14962–SECU Arena Brick Campaign
40322–Ray Tannahill Endowment
14852–Tiger Athletic Fund
40280–Tiger Football Endowment
14408–Towson University Cheerleaders 
40219–Towson University Hall of Fame Fund
14116–Track Enhancement Fund
40426–Wardell Turner Football Scholarship Endowment
14100–Women’s Basketball Enhancement Fund 
14411–Women’s Golf Enhancement Fund
14102–Women’s Gymnastics Enhancement Fund
14103–Women’s Lacrosse Enhancement Fund
14107–Women’s Soccer Enhancement Fund
14896–Women’s Swimming & Diving Enhancement
14105–Women’s Tennis Enhancement Fund
35620–Women’s Tennis Scholarship Fund
14106–Women’s Volleyball Enhancement Fund

College of Business & Economics
College of Business & Economics - General
35621–Academy of Finance Scholarship
40199–Aramark Facility Services Working Scholars Endowment Fund
14998–The Associate Competition
35902–Sam Barone Scholarship Endowment Fund
14705–Beta Gamma Sigma
14448–College of Business & Economics
35639–College of Business & Economics Board of Advisors Scholarship
40321–College of Business & Economics Board of Advisors Scholarship Endowment
40331–College of Business & Economics General Endowment
40423–College of Business and Economics General Scholarship Endowment
14503–Center for Applied Business & Economic Research
35819–Mary Fyffe Chiswell, Class of 1922 Scholarship - College of Business & Economics
40343–Dr. Jeremiah German Rising Star Endowed Scholarship
35738–Moneer Hojati-Kaynama Scholarship
35961–Jamie Hurd Scholarship
40203–Dr. Sayeed Kayvan Memorial Scholarship
40341–Dr. Sayeed Kayvan Rising Star Endowed Scholarship
40342–Dr. Louise Laurence Rising Star Endowed Scholarship
40388–Effat Mirmiran Endowed Scholarship
40271–Stephen K. Shock Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40208–Christopher Scott Stark Memorial Scholarship Endowment
14925–T. Rowe Price Finance Laboratory
40262–Tignanelli Family Endowed Fund
40404–Towson Rotary Foundation Endowed Scholarship
35815–Towsontowne Business & Professional Women’s Club Scholarship Endowment
35141–WMS Partners Future Leaders in Finance Scholarship


40317–Accounting Alumni Scholarship Endowment
14215–Accounting Faculty Professional Development Fund
14706–Department of Accounting
35753–Department of Accounting General Scholarship
35820–Sylvia Bernstein Prize for Excellence in Accounting
35810–Russell E. Denison Endowment
40325–Kenneth Moreland and Renee Moreland Accounting Scholarship Endowment
40300–SC&H Excellence in Accounting Endowed Fund

e-Business and Technology Management

14914–Department of e-Business & Technology Management
14936–Graduate Business Programs Excellence Fund

14977–Boosting Financial/Investor Literacy
14727–College of Business & Economics - Department of Economics
35662–Jeremiah J. German Scholarship in Economics
14863–Political Economy Project
40287–Tamara M. Woroby Economics Scholarship Endowment

14728–CBE - Department of Finance
40160–Kathryn H. Gerling Scholarship Endowment


14729–Department of Management Fund
35130–Thao Nguyen Memorial Scholarship


35938–James L. Dunbar, Jr. Endowment in Marketing
35906–James L. Dunbar, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
14730–CBE - Department of Marketing Fund

College of Education
40363–50th Reunion Endowed Scholarship
35717–Answering the Call Scholarship
40217–Marlene K. Barrell Scholarship Endowment
35911–Jean S. Baumbach Scholarship Endowment
35875–Marie Faraino Biegun ‘41 & Paul C. Biegun Scholarship Fund
40414–Frances T. Bond Distinguished Service Award Endowment
14865–Vernadine Elkerson Brooks Family Literacy
40351–Vernadine Tubman Elkerson Brooks Family Literacy Endowment
40238–Frederick A. Brown Family Endowment
35937–Willie Howard Buckingham Scholarship
40174–Burton, Dietz, Jones, Rosecrans Graduate Fellowship in Instructional Technology
35816–Mary F. Chiswell, Class of 1922, Scholarship - College of Education
35879–Class of 1923 Conference Award
35845–Class of 1931 Eunice K. Crabtree Endowment Fund
35965–Class of 1945 Professional Development Fund
40177–Class of 1950 Scholarship Endowment
40281–Class of 1956 Scholarship Endowment
35963–Sarah Long Cornthwaite Scholarship
14296–Early Childhood Education Support
14549–College of Education Discretionary Fund
35855–College of Education Endowment 
35923–College of Education Technology Enhancement Endowment
14802–Educational Technology and Literacy Support
14298–Elementary Education Support
35912–Jacob Epstein Teacher Education Endowment
35150–Gloria R. Evangelisti Memorial Scholarship
35959–France-Merrick Endowment for Faculty Excellence
35722–Graduate Reading Program Scholarship
40246–A. Elizabeth Hartje Scholarship Endowment 
40254–A. Elizabeth Hartje Scholarship Endowment II
14964–Dr. Billy D. Hauserman Memorial Fund
35868–Naomi P. Hentz Endowment
40273–Dennis E. Hinkle Memorial Scholarship Endowment
41002–Dr. George E. Hohl '55 and Anne S. Hohl, Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
14948–Innovation in Teacher and Leader Preparation Initiative
14297–Instructional Leadership and Professional Development Support
35890–Christa R. Jeunette Memorial Scholarship Endowment
41007–Kahlert Foundation Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
61100–Kahlert Foundation Endowment for Towson UTeach
40289–Nancy Klein Endowed Scholarship
35615–James Lindner Scholarship
40409–Dr. Charles E. Maloy III Endowed Scholarship in Education
40301–Mary Jacqe Marchione Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40411–Richard E. McCall Endowed Scholarship for Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education
35926–Dr. Edna May Merson Scholarship Endowment
35917–Steven and Laura Murfin Education Scholarship Fund 
40340–Doris Naron Endowed Scholarship at the College of Education
40339–Mary Wilhelm Odell and William A. Odell Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Early Childhood Education
40350–Mary Wilhelm Odell and William A. Odell Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Elementary Education
40291–Lelia McDonald Panowitz Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35915–Beulah M. Price Scholarship Endowment - College of Education
40323–Elizabeth Straining Rathell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
14528–Reading Clinic
35888–Evelyn Pearl Reed Scholarship Endowment
41001–R. Elizabeth Remsberg ’27 Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
35618–Brian Reuling Scholarship Fund
40226–Nancy Gail Rubin Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35909–Georgetta Schenkel Scholarship
35635–Gloria Agnes Scott Education Scholarship
14299–Secondary Education Support
35876–Rosaria Serio and Giovanni Faraino Scholarship Fund
40413–W.J.R. Shock Endowed Scholarship
40330–TU Helen Ester (Hornig) Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40357–Kate Gardner Snow Memorial Scholarship Endowment 
35809–Theodore R. & Nora M. Snyder Scholarship Endowment 
14801–Special Education Support
40408–Allan E. Starkey Distinguished Presidential Scholarship
40256–Tilly and Sol Strauss Scholarship Endowment
40395–Howard A. & Rena S. Sugar Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
35918–Earle Taylor and Juanita Greer Hawkins Fund
40270–Mary Daniels Taylor Memorial Internship Scholarship
14921–Teacher Education Oral History Project
35854–Audna Elizabeth Thompson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40299–Quinton D. Thompson Leadership Scholarship Endowment
40193–Quinton D. Thompson Scholarship Endowment
14829–UPS Middle Grades Analysis (Goldsmith)
35827–Mary Etzler Ware Scholarship Endowment
35921–Addie L. Wheeler Fund
14922–World of Words
40424–Lois B. & Howard W. Wright, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
40172–Zenith Hurst Velie Scholarship Endowment

Division of Innovation and Applied Research 
14572–ARTS (Applied Research and Technical Support) Operating Fund
40298–Badolato, Edward V., Distinguished Speaker
14259–Center for Professional Studies
40302–Endowment for Learning in Retirement
14747–Innovation and Applied Research
14233–International Business Incubator
40359–Osher Lifelong Learning Endowment
11004–Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
40358–Patty Beere Ruby Memorial Endowment
15017–TU Professional Leadership Program for Women
15018–TU Student Launch Pad

College of Fine Arts & Communication

College of Fine Arts & Communication - General
14405–Asian Arts Fund
40337–Dr. Gilbert A. Brungardt Endowment for the Benefit of the Asian Arts & Culture Center
15040–Cambodian Costume Making Intensive Operating Fund
35818–Mary Fyffe Chiswell, Class of 1922 Scholarship - College of Fine Arts and Communciation
35929–COFAC Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship
40164–College of Fine Arts and Communication Endowment 
35743–College of Fine Arts and Communication General Scholarship
14454–Fine Arts Fund
35928–Lieberman Room Endowment
35867–McConnell-Brungardt Scholarship
35645–Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award
35916–Beulah M. Price Scholarship Endowment - College of Fine Arts and Communication
35941–Alexander E. Sidorowicz Memorial Fund
35805–Jack F. Tolbert Memorial Scholarship


14585–Art Department Fund
14768–Art Department Industrial Design Program
35864–Art Department Scholarship Endowment
14496–Ceramic Guild
15012–City Kids Art Outreach Program
14833–Community Art Center Tuition Assistance
35808–Cooley Art Scholarship Endowment
15013–Sam Holden Memorial Fund
14474–Art Gallery
40221–Ro and Marius P. Johnson Scholarship Endowment
35946–Doris H. and Raymond L. Markley Art Enhancement Fund
40156–Joan Nevins Guest Artist Endowment Fund
14980–Object Lab
14981–Towson University Sculpture Initiative
15041–Visions of Place Exhibition


14894–Alvin Ailey II
14246–Community Dance Division Tuition Assistance
14958–Dance Company
14439–Dance Department
35712–Dance Department Scholarship Fund
40364–Department of Dance Student Travel Endowment
60100–Jaye Knutson Dance Education Endowment
35960–Rosenberg Distinguished Artist Endowment

Electronic Media & Film

14774–Electronic Media & Film Department Operating Fund
35785–Department of Electronic Media & Film General Scholarship
40229–Neal Fredericks Filmmakers Endowment
40282–Barry Levinson Scholarship
35839–O’Connor Broadcasting Scholarship Endowment
40209–Jamie Parker Memorial Scholarship
35725–Renegade Spirit Scholarship in honor of Jennifer Stine ‘91
40201–Michael J. Robinson Scholarship
35720–George F. Rogers, Jr. Scholarship
14732–WMJF - TV

Mass Communication & Communication Studies

35842–Eddie Ballard Award for Journalism
35761–Brian Billick Sports Communication Scholarship
40274–Chrystal Marie Clifford Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35924–Dean’s Discretionary Endowment for Department of Mass Communication & Communication Studies
14973–Excellence in Journalism Initiative
35954–Sam Lacy Sports Communications Scholarship Fund
14739–Lambda Pi Eta
40175–E. Magruder (Mac) and Helen M. Passano, Jr. Graduate Fellowship Endowment in Mass Communication
14714–Mass Communication & Communication Studies Advisory Board
14911–Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies
35114–Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies – Speech and Debate Program General Scholarship
40196–Steven and Laura Murfin Mass Communication and Communication Studies Scholarship
40236–J. Reg Murphy Scholarship Endowment in Mass Communication
35817–Patrick John O’Connell Memorial Endowment
40209–Jamie Parker Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35725–Renegade Spirit Scholarship in honor of Jennifer Stine ‘91
35720–George F. Rogers, Jr. Scholarship
14540–Speech & Debate
40402–Dr. Richard E. Vatz Best Debater Award Endowment
40257–Elizabeth Wainio Memorial Communications Scholarship Endowment


40416–Dr. James Muse Anthony Endowment for Music Enhancement
40204–Cecylia B. Barczyk Cello Endowment
35600–Cello Scholarship
40279–Choral Activities Endowment Fund
35950–Sylvia and Irving H. Cohen Scholarship
35836–C. May Diekmann Music Scholarship Endowment
35951–Ruth and Arno Drucker Fund for Vocal Performance
40166–James L. Dunbar, Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship Endowment
35958–Ensemble Music Performance Fund
40260–Fine Concert Piano Maintenance Endowment Fund
35680–Peggy Friedman-Gordon Music Competition
40259–Guest Artist and Presenter Endowment Fund
14512–Guest Artist Fund
14847–Guitar Master Class Fund
40154–Mary Pat Hughes Scholarship Fund
14434–Jazz Ensemble
35898–John H. Kelbaugh Scholarship Endowment
35863–Kenton Scholarship
35144–Steven Lane Music Scholarship
35952–Henry J. Levy Performing Arts Fund
35943–Sidney Lieberman Music Competition Fund
14924–Marching Band
40285–Murray Fund for Visiting Jazz Artists
14775–Music Department Chair’s Discretionary Fund
35865–Music Department Scholarship Endowment
14449–Music for the Stage Fund 
40220–New Music Ensemble Endowed Fund
40277–Ben O’Brien/Music & Arts Center Memorial Endowment Fund
40303–Reynaldo Reyes Piano Endowed Scholarship
35849–Henry Sanborn Music Scholarship Endowment
14498–String Workshop
14420–University Chorale
40171–C. James Velie Memorial Scholarship


35892–Askew Scholarship Endowment
14757–Dance Team Fund
35821–Charles S. Dutton Theatre Scholarship Endowment
35149–Gietka Graduate Theatre Scholarship
35910–C. R. Gillespie and Maravene S. Loeschke Scholarship Endowment
35872–John Glover Scholarship Endowment
14710–Graduate Program in Theatre
40215–Audrey Herman Scholarship
35947–Nina E. Hughes Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35897–Walter F. Kramme Scholarship Endowment
40293–Christopher David Legg Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35960–Rosenberg Distinguished Artist Endowment
35866–Theatre Arts Scholarship Endowment
35613–Theatre Scholarship Fund
40327–Peter Wray Endowed Theatre Scholarship
35957–Steve Yeager Theatre Fund

College of Graduate Studies & Research
14791–CGSR Scholarly Development and Support Fund
14421–College of Graduate Studies & Research Enhancement
40332–TU College of Graduate Studies Endowment

College of Health Professions
Health Professions - General
14960–Cancer Wellness Program
14838–Center for Adults with Autism Spectrum & Disorder Staff & Materials Fund
14965–Douglas and Therese Erdman Work Skills Program Fund
40284–Health Care Management Program Scholarship Endowment
14437–College of Health Professions 
40333–College of Health Professions DreamMakers Scholarship
35747–College of Health Professions General Scholarship
14963–Hussman Center for Adults with Autism
14909–Interprofessional Health Studies
35636–TU Towson Four Health Professions Scholarship

Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology & Deaf Studies
14856–Audiological Equipment
14905–Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies
35732–Audiology Scholarship Fund
40185–Better Hearing Centers Fellowship Fund
14737–BG&E Speech Language & Hearing Program
35826–Class of ‘23 Endowment Fund
14799–Rosalyn Ghitter Clinic Fund
14256–Dr. M. Barbara Laufer Fund in the Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies
35931–Zina Rose Sanders Scholarship Endowment
14486–Speech, Language and Hearing Center

Health Science

40235–Neil E. Gallagher Endowed Scholarship
35831–Health Education Working Fellowship
14906–Department of Health Science
35622–Department of Health Science Student Awards and Events

Institute for Well-Being

14986–Lisa Higgins Access for All Fund
14963–Hussman Center for Adults with Autism
14944–Institute for Well-Being (IWB)
15030–IWB Occupational Therapy Center
14930–Andrea B. Sherwin Playground Operating Fund
14486–Speech, Language and Hearing Center
14234–TU Wellness Center

35860–Rowannetta S. Allen Class of ‘23 Scholarship Endowment  
35619–Rena & Dewey Farbman Memorial Award
40152–Dr. Walter M. Hammett Memorial Scholarship
14864–Health Interventions at the Helping Up Mission
40348–Emmert Hobbs Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
40210–Emmert Hobbs Nursing Scholarship
14518–Nursing Department 
35751–Department of Nursing General Scholarship
14830–Project RN
40212–Herman and Walter Samuelson Nursing Scholarship

Occupational Therapy/ Occupational Science

40161–Bowes Family Occupational Therapy Endowed Fellowship
14908–Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science
14499–Parmenter Department Enhancement Account
35676–Robertson Award in Occupational Therapy
40425–William Ross Thomson Endowed Scholarship
35152–William Ross Thomson Scholarship
35848–Warren Internship Award Endowment
40315–Susan A. Watkins Scholarship Endowment


15028–C. Victor & Lynne Brick Department of Kinesiology Equipment Fund
40421–C. Victor & Lynne Brick Kinesiology Faculty Development Endowment
40420–C. Victor & Lynne Brick Kinesiology Student Research Endowment
40396–Stephen C. Broy Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Students in the College of Health Professions
40407–Dr. J. Ellen Eason Endowed Scholarship
14938–Exercise Science Major
14907–Department of Kinesiology
35111–Department of Kinesiology Scholarship
40159–Mildred Murray Scholarship Endowment
14937–Physical Education/Teacher Education Major
14939–Sport Management Major
14285–Ray Stinar Physical Education/Teacher Education Student Fund
40158–Jennifer L. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Endowment

College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts - General 
40264–Awards for Excellence Fund
35774–Baltimore Hebrew Institute General Scholarship
14575–Dr. Arnold Blumberg Memorial for Jewish Studies
35840–Darry M. Dixon III Memorial Scholarship
14815–Family Studies and Community Development Department Discretionary Fund
40383–Anita LeAnn Foster Graduate Psychology Endowment
40329–Angela Gerwig Harold Memorial Endowed Scholarship
14855–John Gissendanner Fund for African-American Study
40384–Hirschmann-McWilliams Award in Asian Studies
40394–William Michael Hogan and Dr. Dana Kollmann Compassion Fund for Forensic Science
14823–Interdisciplinary Studies Discretionary Fund
14923–Israel Study Abroad Travel Fund
40389–Dan Jones Award for Writing Excellence
14257–LGBT Program
14568–College of Liberal Arts Discretionary Fund
35846–College of Liberal Arts Endowment 
35746–College of Liberal Arts General Scholarship
15024–CLA Writing Center
35907–Martha Mitten Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35702–Dr. Armin Mruck Scholarship
40336–Catherine Curran O’Malley Endowed Scholarship
35927–Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship Endowment - College of Liberal Arts


35802–Cooley Literature Prize Endowment
40153–Craver Writers Fund
14814–English Department Discretionary Fund
14848–Grub Street
35899–W. Frank Guess Scholarship Endowment
35721–Margery Harriss "Great Starts" Fund
40406–Dr. Charlotte Koomjohn Endowed Scholarship
14249–Clarisse Mechanic English Department Discretionary Fund

Geography & Environmental Planning
40320–Drew Dedrick Geography and Environmental Planning Scholarship
14817–Geography and Environmental Planning Department Discretionary Fund
40319–Dr. John M. Morgan III Endowed GIS Scholarship
14990–TUgis Operating
40245–Fred & Joan Ward Scholarship Endowment

35837–Disabled American Veteran’s Commencement Prize
14818–History Department Discretionary Fund
40173–Douglas D. Martin, Sr. History Award
35900–John Carter Matthews Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35935–Steven Jay and Janice Wohlgemuth Snider Fund

Modern Languages

35953–Don Miguel DeCervantes Latin American Scholarship
14816–Foreign Languages Department Discretionary Fund
35833–Dr. Joseph Vidal Llecha Memorial Scholarship
35693–Patricia Knapp McLucas Memorial Scholarship

Philosophy & Religious Studies

35142–Dr. Wolfgang Fuchs Memorial Essay Prize
35936–Ian Moore Philosophy Fund
14819–Philosophy and Religious Studies Department Discretionary Fund
35663–Philosophy and Religious Studies Scholarship
35151–Paul Theodore Pojman, Ph.D. Fund
35723–Professor Wing-Chun Wong Memorial Fund

Political Science

35903–Smart A. Ekpo Scholarship
14804–Department of Political Science Operating Fund
35739–Zaleski Scholarship in State and Local Politics


35904–Anderson/Parente Scholarship Endowment - College of Liberal Arts - Psychology Department
35147–Dr. John Govern Memorial Scholarship
40190–Dr. Edward and Mrs. Shirley Neulander Endowment
14820–Psychology Department Discretionary Fund
35835–Psychology Research Endowment
35804–Marthe Quinotte Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

35857–Irwin Goldberg Endowment for Sociology
40347–C. Wayne Kempske Endowed Scholarship
35847–Mignon Lieberman Sociology Award Fund
35736–Maryland Law Enforcement Officers Scholarship
14567–Sociology/Anthropology Newsletter Fund
14821–Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department Discretionary Fund

Women’s Studies

35899–W. Frank Guess Scholarship Endowment
14822–Women’s Studies Department Discretionary Fund

Honors College
40334–General Endowment for the Honors College
14250–Honors College
35744–Honors College General Scholarship

Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics

Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics - General
14900–Bioscience Outreach Discretionary
35101–Michele M. Cooper, M.D. Scholarship 
41006–Dr. Carol L. and Robert E. Daihl Endowed Scholarship
14459–Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics Dean’s Discretionary Fund
35850–General Endowment for the Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics
35745–Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics General Scholarship
40306–Jess Fisher, Class of 1934, College of Science and Mathematics Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Cecilia Fisher Rudman
40305– Jess Fisher, Class of 1934, Pre-Engineering Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Robert M. Fisher
41002–Dr. George E. Hohl '55 and Anne S. Hohl, Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
40237–Francesca Borrelli Johnson Environmental Endowed Scholarship
41007–Kahlert Foundation Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
61100–Kahlert Foundation Endowment for Towson UTeach
40360–Dr. Frank R. Milio Book Endowment
15033–Planetarium Discretionary Fund
40418–L. Melvin Roberts Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40228–Linda Sweeting Endowment
14890–Towson University Field Station
15037–Towson UTeach Collaboration with Baltimore City Public Schools
14975–Towson UTeach General Support Fund
14811–Whiting-Turner (Hackerman)

Biological Sciences
14424–Biology Lab Text
14273–Biology Research Support
35878–Biology Scholarship Endowment
40248–Betty Kennedy Dale Scholarship
14404–Entomological Museum and Research
35853–James Edward Ewig Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40307–Jess & Mildred Fisher Endowed Chair in the Biological and Physical Sciences
40222–Glen Arboretum Endowment
35811–John David Horst Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35143–MB3 Outstanding Student Scholarship
40415–Wendy M. and Jeffrey C. Miller, D.D.S Endowed Scholarship
35132–Wendy M. and Jeffrey C. Miller, D.D.S Operating Scholarship
35813–James Moniodis Scholarship Endowment
35870–Lois D. Odell Biology Scholarship Endowment  
14995–Port Deposit – Towson University Partnership (Map Turtle Restoration)
41001–R. Elizabeth Remsberg ’27 Endowed Scholarship for Towson UTeach
35830–Mary Scarbrough-Carr Scholarship Endowment 


35675–Floyd A. Blankenship Memorial Award
14433–Chemistry Department Enhancement Fund
35608–Gibbs Award for Excellence in Chemistry
35893–Ronald and Linda Raspet Scholarship Endowment
35814–SAACS Endowment
40326–Alan & Eileen Wingrove Endowment for Chemistry Scholars

Computer & Information Sciences

40169–Applied Information Sciences Scholarship Endowment
15022–Balancing Privacy and Social Media Curriculum
14918–Department of Computer & Information Sciences
40417–Wendy and Larry Letow Endowed Scholarship
35913–Doris K. Lidtke Excellence in Service Award
40251–James W. Smith Scholarship Endowment
14260–SNPD Operating Fund


15009–Actuarial Science & Risk Management Fund
40316–Mildred T. Becker Scholarship Endowment
40255–Eunice Bowers Schmied (Class of 1930) and Otto Karl Schmied Memorial Scholarship Endowment
41008–Dollenberg Family Endowed Scholarship for UTeach
14762–Mathematics Department Operating Account
35109–Department of Mathematics Scholarship
35949–Joyce C. Neubert Scholarship Endowment
35896–Ann L. Wagner Scholarship in Mathematics

Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences

14571–Physics Department Discretionary Fund
40206–Edward I. Rubendall Scholarship Endowment 

15021–A-LIST (Albert S. Cook Library Leadership Institute)
14771–AA Technology
15031–Academic Achievement Center
14967–BHI (Baltimore Hebrew Institute) Library Collection
40244–Class of 1936 Endowment
14447–Albert S. Cook Library Program
15002–Albert S. Cook Library Special Collections and University Archives
15005–Albert S. Cook Special Collections – Kanji’s Photos
14720–Cook Library Technology Development Fund
14708–Malcolm Davies Memorial Library Fund
35944–Jewish Studies Collection Development Endowment
40223–George and Cris Jochum Endowment for Cook Library
35828–Nolte Endowment
35824–Poetry Endowment
14247–Senior Tribute 2005
14267–Senior Tribute 2006
14291–Senior Tribute 2007

Student Affairs
35889–Barnes Harris Scholarship Endowment
15003–The Big Event
14984–Black Student Leadership Conference
14974–Campus Life
14933–Campus Recreation Services
14500–Career Center
14983–Career Fair
14779–Center for Student Diversity
14935–Counseling Center
14934–Disability Support Services
40157–Mary Lee Farlow Outstanding Students Scholarship Fund
40297–Jordan Feder Memorial Endowed Scholarship
40252–Ice Hockey Enhancement Endowment Fund
35880–Laura Lamb Memorial Scholarship
14912–LGBT Student Development Fund
40405–President Maravene Loeschke Leadership Endowed Scholarship
35955–Charlotte W. Newcombe Endowed Scholarship for Mature Women and Men
14987–Operation Guardian Tiger
14917–Pride Fund
14245–Rape Aggression Defense Fund
35964–Rugby Enhancement Fund
14738–SAGE Program - Student Life
14928–Service Learning Projects (Student Affairs)
14956–Starling Emerging Leaders Fund in honor of Jennifer DeVries
15032–Student Activities at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland
14252–Student Affairs Operating Support Fund
14275–Student Leadership Initiatives
15043–Student Recovery Community Fund
14784–Tiger Family Network
14255–TU Hillel Fund
40393–TU Pride Endowment
14893–Veterans and Military Programs
14996–Women’s Ice Hockey



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