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For more information regarding NME events contact William Kleinsasser, NME Director 
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The New Music Ensemble at Towson University

The New Music  Ensemble at Towson will present two concert events this season.

On Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 8:15 PM in the Center for the Arts Recital Hall, the New Music Ensemble presents a concert of new music for mixed chamber ensembles by composer William Kleinsasser featuring one premiere performances.

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Music for the making

now a time without (2011)                     William Kleinsasser
      I. a moment without memory                              
(b. 1961)       
          for solo piano  

          Ruth Neville, piano

C12 H14 N2 O2 (Serotonin) (2010)    
        for piccolo and live computer processing in surround sound   

        Lisa Cella, piccolo    William Kleinsasser, computer

Infinite Frames (2011)    
      I. Bright, kaleidoscopic
        for piano quintet   

        Jonathan Richards, violin    Cathleen Jeffcoat, violin
        Jennifer Rende, viola          Steven Honigberg, cello
        Choo Choo Hu, piano          Lee T. Mills, conductor

  Triptych: III, ReposeóRelease * (2007, 2013)    
        for mixed ensemble   

        Lisa Cella, flutes                    E. Michael Richards, clarinets   
        Patrick Roulet, vibraphone    Kyle Flens, marimba   
        Choo Choo Hu, piano            Jonathan Richards, violin
        Cathleen Jeffcoat, violin        Jennifer Rende, viola   
        Steven Honigberg, cello        Lee T. Mills, conductor

        John Dierker, clarinets           Will Redman, percussion   
        Patrick McAvinue, violin        Jane Riegler, flute   
        Daniel Koppelman, piano

* premiere performance

On Wednesday October 23, 2013 at 8:15 PM in the Center for the Arts Recital Hall, the NME presented

We hope to see you in there.

William Kleinsasser
NME Director

* * *