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The New Music Ensemble at Towson University

Inaugural Concert

William Kleinsasser, Director

Paul Rardin, Conductor

Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 8:15 pm

Harold J. Kaplan Concert Hall

 Qi (1997)     Chen Yi (b. 1953)

 Sara Nichols,  flute      David Shumway, cello 
 Dale Rauschenberg, percussion      Lura Johnson, piano

 Embarking for Cythera (1978)     Eugene O'Brien (b. 1945)

 David LaVorgna, flute     E. Michael Richards, clarinet 
 Terry B. Ewell, bassoon      Luis Engelke, trumpet
 Lura Johnson, piano/keyboard      Julia P. Martin, harp
 Celeste Blase, violin       David Shumway, cello 

 Of an Expanding Notion (1989)     William Kleinsasser (b. 1961) 

 Fatma Daglar, oboe      Terri Fenlon, bassoon
 Luis Engelke, trumpet      Sam Woodhead, trombone
 Michelle Humphreys, vibraphone      Celeste Blase, violin
 David Shumway, cello


 a diffuse light that knows no particular hour    (1989) Jeffrey Mumford (b. 1955) 

 David LaVorgna, alto flute      E. Michael Richards, clarinet 
 Lura Johnson, piano      Celeste Blase, violin 
 David Shumway, cello

 Ambient Shadows (1978)     Frederick Fox (b. 1931)

 David LaVorgna, flute/alto flute      E. Michael Richards, clarinet 
 Sam Woodhead, trombone      Michelle Humphreys, percussion
   Lawrence Crawford, piano      Celeste Blase, violin
 Catherine Frey, viola      David Shumway, cello

The New Music Ensemble at Towson is supported, in part, through the New Music Ensemble Endowed Fund 
created with a generous gift from the Argosy Foundation. 

This inaugural concert has also been made possible with support from
the Towson University Department of Music and the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

For more information about the New Music Ensemble at Towson go to the NME at Towson home page

For more information regarding NME events contact William Kleinsasser, NME Director 
at 410-704-2817; FAX 410-704-2841 or email