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Why Project Management and Business Analysis Concentration ?

  1. Opportunity to obtain jobs in multiple industries and multiple functional areas
  2. Examples of Projects
    • Constructing the Queen Mary 2
    • Resurfacing I-695
    • Developing a new software system
    • Conducting an audit of a corporation
    • Launching a new advertising or promotional campaign
    • Conducting an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    • Launching a capital campaign at a university

    Projects are managed in all industries and in all functional areas of business.

    What does a Business Analyst Do?
    • Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs.
    • Documents requirements, defines scope and objectives, and formulates systems to parallel overall business strategies
    • supporting the functional performance, determining requirements and business process design
    • Assist with evaluation of business costs

    Again, you will notice that the job of a business analyst crosses functional areas attesting to the broad scope of employment opportunities


  3. To prepare for college-graduate, entry-level jobs such as business analyst, quality analyst, project manager, business consultant.
    • Base Salary Ranges - Project Manager I


    • Education Level needed - Project Manager I


    • Base Salary Ranges - Business Analyst


    • Education Level needed - Business Analyst



  4. Applied Hands-on, Technology-infused Program.
  5. Some of the software exposure you will gain in various PMBA courses

    • Microsoft Project Software
    • Process Modeling Software
    • Oracle e-Business Suite software
      • Project Management modules
      • Supply chain modules
      • Business intelligence modules
      • Workflow modules
    • Google Wave - Collaboration and Communication

    All courses in the PMBA concentration have technology infused in them to enable you to compete in this hyper-competitive, technology-driven business environment.


  6. Gain practical experience through a "super-internship"
    • Do a year-long, structured project management internship at a company.
    • Internships are offered by corporations and handled by the Director of Professional Excellence, Ms. Lisa Michocki
    • Earn six credits - (a) EBTM 497 - Internship course (3 units), and (b) BUSX 460 - Professional Excellence course (3 units).
    • Possibility of continuing work in summer as a paid intern

    Step into the job market with one year of practical experience under your belt - a tremendous competitive edge in any job market.


  7. Gain Knowledge to obtain professional certification to enhance one's career prospects.

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