Online Invoice System Training Evaluation

In order for us to conduct more effective training in the future, please take a moment to share your opinion with us regarding the training session you have attended.  Please complete the following evaluation by selecting the drop down box or completing the field with your response.

The Presentation Experience

Wed like to have your opinion on the overall presentation experience.

    The presentation was clear and easy to follow.               

    Sufficient information was presented.                            

    Information in the presentation was valuable and appropriate. 

    Are there any areas of the presentation that you feel requires more attention?

The Presenter

Please help us evaluate the presenter's skills by answering the following questions.

    Presenter spoke clearly and was easily understood.          

    Information was presented at a reasonable pace.            

    Presenter was knowledgeable and answered all questions. 

    Additional Comments

Hands- on Training

Please tell us your experience with the hands-on training by answering the following questions.

    Did you find the hands-on training helpful?                      

    Did you find the training guide useful and easy to follow?   


What was your overall impression of the training?             

What suggestions do you have for making the training more effective? 

What did you like best about the training? 

We Need Your Help - FAQ page in progress

We would like to develop a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for the Online Invoice system and would like your help.  If you have a question that you would like posted to the Online Invoice FAQ page and feel others may benefit from this information, please send us your input.  Thank you.