Towson University’s Student Laptop Program         

Towson University has ended its Student Laptop Program with Dell. Laptops under warranty and purchased through the program will still be eligible for hardware support and loaner laptops through Student Computing Services Service Desk located on the first floor of Cook Library in room 35.

Any Towson University student needing assistance with their laptop regardless of where it was purchased may visit the Student Computing Service Desk (CK 35). We are able to provide software support (including virus and malware removal) and diagnose hardware problems. However, we are unable to provide hardware support to any laptops not purchased through the Dell program.

Beginning in Fall 2012, SCS will provide loaner laptops to students who have a laptop into the Service Desk while it is being serviced.




Towson University’s Mac Program     Apple Store


With the introduction of Apple’s iPod and a new wave of Macintosh products on the market, more consumers are facing the PC versus Mac purchase dilemma. Currently, Towson University has negotiated a discount purchase agreement with Apple in order to provide students a choice between laptop platforms; however, there are a few things one should consider before making a decision:

Historically, business users have favored PCs and creative professionals (artists, designers, etc.) have preferred Macs. The speed, interface and software availability gap between these platforms has closed considerably in recent years, and continues to close today. PCs are becoming better at doing what Macs have always done best, and Macs are becoming better at doing what PCs have always done best. Indeed, most popular software titles are now available for both platforms (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.). Despite this, PCs still typically dominate the data-intensive workplaces of the science and business professions while Macs dominate the graphics and media production workplaces of the fine arts and publishing professions. Undoubtedly, these lines will continue to blur over time.

Drop off Mac Depot Service

Currently enrolled students who have a hardware problem with their Mac laptop may use our Depot service.  Work will be performed by Chesapeake Systems, a third party authorized Apple service center.  Warranty work will be performed free of charge and Chesapeake Systems will contact you if other service charges will apply.  When work is completed, the laptop will be returned to the SCS Service Desk (CK 35) and the owner will be contacted for pickup.




With this being said, students are advised to anticipate the kind of work they will primarily be conducting and to seek the advice of their major department before making their purchase. Also, it is worth mentioning that most of the 70 computer labs here at Towson are comprised of PCs and while the Office of Technology Services (OTS) offers technology training for applications available on both platforms, such training is always conducted in a Windows (PC) environment. Furthermore, the SCS is able to provide a higher level of support to PC users than it is to Mac users since our comprehensive Dell warranties are able to be addressed right here on campus; however, a limited extended warranty is available for purchase through Apple.


Apple Student Purchase Program






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