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Each year in the US an estimated 350,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest.  According to the American Heart Association, the only definitive treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is a defibrillation shock that restores a normal heart rhythm.  In order to be effective, defibrillation treatment must be administered within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest. Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) provide the necessary defibrillation and improve the survival rate of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victim. 

In conjunction with the Dowell Health Center, Environmental Health and Safety has implemented a campus-wide AED program which has placed the life-saving devices at key campus locations.  We have also placed a mobile unit with the Towson University Police Department for rapid response to other campus locations, and Events and Conference Services has purchased an AED for use at campus public events.

AEDs do not replace CPR and are used to supplement basic CPR skills; thus anyone who has the potential to utilize AEDs must also be properly trained in basic CPR skills. Contact Environmental Health and Safety to request a training schedule or for additional information.

If the AED is deployed on campus, meaning it responded to an emergency medical incident but the electrodes were NOT attached to the patient, please fill out the following form:

If the AED is used on campus, please fill out the following report form within 24 hours and fax it to Environmental Health and Safety at (410) 704-2993:

If the AED malfunctions during use, please fill out the following report form within 24 hours and fax it to Environmental Health and Safety at (410)704-2993:

The following sites provide information regarding the campus AED program.


CPR Training

NOTE:  Please see "2015 CPR/AED Training Schedule" for important CPR training information.

NOTE:  Effective July 1, 2015 all CPR training fees will increase to off-set the increase cost of CPR training materials and handouts: 

  • On campus scheduled CPR classes $30.00
  • Replacement CPR cards $10.00 

CPR training classes are held in room 120 of the Administration Building.

  • AED Refresher Training:
    Refresher AED training is an annual requirement of the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) for our campus public access AED program.  Training is limited to AED operation only and lasts approximately 10 minutes.  Go to Cardiac Science http://www.cardiacscience.com/products/powerheart-g3-aed-plus/ and view the demonstration video on the right side of the page. If you have any questions on how to operate campus AED's after watching the video, please contact Gregg Wood at (410) 704-5500 or at gwood@towson.edu.
  • Healthcare Provider will only be offered to classes with 10 participants.  A contact person from each department requiring Healthcare Provider training must submit a roster of 10 names and 2 days/time that all participants can attend training, weekend training is not offered.  Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at (410) 704-2949 or at safety@towson.edu.


Environmental Health and Safety

7400 York Road Building, Suite 301

Hours:  Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Phone:  (410) 704-2949

Fax:  (410) 704-2993

E-mail:  safety@towson.edu





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