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The SCS Student Employment Process

SCS employs 15-20 students every semester. Although we encourage interested students to apply year round, at any given time we may or may not have openings. Nevertheless, we will always retain applications for consideration when positions arise.

The student employment process is organized as follows:

  1. Application Processing
    When SCS receives an application, we verify its completeness. If positions are available, we screen the applicants and invite those best qualified to interview.

  2. Interview Prep
    To your interview, we will ask you to bring
          [ ] a copy of your resume
          [ ] a copy of your class schedule for the semester in which you seek employment
          [ ] questions you have concerning the job
  3. Interview
    We will begin your interview by describing briefly the kind of work you will be doing and what we see as the most challenging and rewarding aspects of that work. Next, we will ask you to answer several verbal and written questions to demonstrate your fitness for the available positions. Then, we will answer your questions about the job. Finally, we will ask you to complete an interview questionnaire indicating the days and times for which you will be available to work.

  4. Notification
    Within five business days (usually fewer), we will review your application and interview results and send email notification regarding our decision. Whether or not we offer a position, you will receive notification. If we offer a position, you will have three business days to accept or decline.
  5. Paperwork
    Once you accept a job with SCS, we will schedule a brief meeting with you to explain the student employment clearance process and provide you with the necessary forms and instructions to officially "join the ranks." At this time, we will also orient you to the SCS work environment.
  6. Training
    We will conduct a late-August training session during which you will meet other staff and receive "classroom" instruction on basic SCS operations. However, most of your training will be completed on-the-job through the guidance of seasoned staff and student managers.

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